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Cesspool troubleAre you having problems with your cesspool? Cesspool trouble can be frustrating.

When you experience cesspool issues, there is a lot of anxiety. "How much will this cost?" and "How long will this take?" are the two most common fears about a cesspool system problem. Obviously you want to choose a company that will not take advantage of you, as you require the work to be done on your cesspool. You should choose a company that has a track record, working on cesspools and the equipment, as well as the staff to professionally get your cesspool serviced properly. We are that cesspool service.

DOODYMAN To The Rescue, is based in Long island, NY, has been doing cesspool work since 1987. We have seen it all and have the customer testimonies to back up the fact that we do it right and at the right price. If you are concerned about the cesspool pumping cost, be assured that DOODYMAN To The Rescue sets the prices fairly and makes certain that you are satisfied. In fact, all our work is guaranteed.

Cesspool cleaning and cesspool pumping require licensed professionals to perform the service. As you can see from the right side, DOODYMAN To The Rescue is fully licensed, bonded and insured in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. 


The Suffolk County Department of Health recommends cleaning the system every three to five years to prevent the cesspool from becoming overburdened with sludge and scum.  A clogged system will fail to function. Cesspool treatment is a smart preventative choice and a cesspool maintenance program will insure against the high cost of cesspool problems. A cesspool inspection will help determine what is needed. Cesspool cleaning is one service that will be part of your cesspool system maintenance program.


With new construction, you may have concerns about cesspool design or, even septic system design. DOODYMAN To The Rescue has "been there, done that" and can help you with the design phase. We take responsibility for the cesspool installation and cesspool construction. We are aware of the citywide cesspool regulations and can assist you with the cesspool system. In an increasingly-regulated environment, sewage treatment has to be done correctly, whether it is on a residential or commercial level. We understand that there are many companies in the Greater New York area that provide cesspool services from which to choose. Not all of them have the experience or more importantly, the integrity that we do.


We are licensed and insured and can handle any size job. All our work is done by our Fully Trained Staff, NOT subcontractors or part-time workers. This means No Additional Costs and less headaches from poor workmanship.

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