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New York’s Drain Cleaner to the Rescue

drains uncloggedSo, you have a clogged drain? We are the "Drain Unclogger of Long Island”. We unclog drains and clear drains to get you going again, fast.

Drain cleaning is something that DOODYMAN to the Rescue does every day. Unclogging drains is our specialty. Whether you are in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk Counties your clogged drains can be working again in no time. Our "drain service" can assist you with the drain repair in your house, business or commercial building.

We understand that there are many drain cleaning companies in the New York metropolitan area from which to choose. Our combination of quick service, reasonable pricing and long-term reputation makes it worthwhile to call DOODYMAN to the Rescue every time.

Our drain cleaning service is based in long island, NY. We handle a broad spectrum of drains both unclogging and repairs. We are fully licensed and know what we are doing. We are the drain doctor when it comes to your drains. If you have tried to work on the problem yourself with no luck, call us, the experienced professionals. It is what we do.

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DOODYMAN to the Rescue

We clean and repair any drain system, including Landscape drains, Lawn drains, Storm drains, trench drains, channel drains, driveway drains and French drains to name a few. Your drain pipes will be flowing just fine in no time. Quickly and affordable. Commercial floor drains are no challenge for us either. Any drain is our business.

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